Does your company fit into one of the following three situations?

If yes, you may have employment requirements now or certainly will have in the near future in other countries/regions. This may include recruitment, employment, payroll, various social welfare payments stipulated by the local countries, etc. At this point, the matter is of course far from over. What are the labor laws and regulations of the local country? What is the state of the talent market? In which cities are the target groups concentrated in? How to reach out to these people? How to determine the salary level of the local employees? What should be paid attention to in recruitment and working hours? In real world operations, the questions will go far beyond that.

All of these challenges that may be encountered in the specific operation during specific operations will no longer be a headache for Chinese enterprises in the future. Renrui's global service network will provide Chinese enterprises with personalized one-stop solutions catering to different requirements and provide wide-range and professional localized overseas human resources services for Chinese enterprises' global business development.

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