About US

Renrui is a public listed company in Hong Kong (6919.HK). We are is a fast-growing pioneer in HR solutions In China. The company services a large number of industry leaders in new economy and other sectors as their strategic partner. Renrui provides the largest-scale of Flexible Staffing services and other complementary HR services including Professional Recruitment, BPO services, Labor Dispatch and Corporate Training.  Renrui revolutionizes traditional human resources business processes with digitalization and new technologies and provides professional services to clients based on an integrated ecosystem. Currently Renrui operates more than 54 branch offices across China and provides one-stop HR services to clients in over 300 cities, enabling a strong national linkage and cross-region talent transfer. By the end of 2018, the company has about 1000 employees and 40000 contract employees.

Renrui not only provides clients with high-level services in China, but also provides clients with a full range of human resources services in different countries and regions around the world. we choose local human resources service agencies with professional and strict standards in different countries and regions to become our long-term global strategic partners.

Renrui Global Strategic Partner is the professional services team of Renrui in the destination’s country/region. They provide fast, professional, and high-level global human resources services to Chinese clients around the world. Through the continuous output of methods, tools, and experience, Renrui empowers our global strategic partners to improve their service capabilities and deepen their understanding of the service needs of Chinese enterprises. Through Renrui, Chinese enterprises have bidden farewell to their haziness and confusion about the overseas talent market. With the most familiar and simplest communication methods, they can provide in-depth human resources support for the company's overseas expansion more confidently and conveniently.

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