When facing with the complicated overseas recruitment and employment environment,
you may link up with the overseas talent market and local services just by simply contacting Renrui.

Recruitment channels, service providers, laws and regulations, culture and religion, social habits, languages, time difference in overseas countries... Recruitment and human resource services involving overseas countries / regions are full of strange and uncertain variables. Enterprises that have just started business overseas may hardly send HR staff to support them locally. Even if they may be dispatched, round-trip travels will be time consuming and costly, and effective management and control is a great challenge as well.

Through Renrui, Chinese enterprises do not have to worry about all these uncertain and unfamiliar situations. By simply communicating with Renrui, you may quickly and easily access local services from overseas countries and immediately establish a close link with the overseas talent market.

Requires service in Multiple Countries? There is no need to be involved in exhaust communication with many parties.
The one-stop services of Renrui from multiple countries may be implemented.

It is a labor-intensive matter to manage the recruitment and human resources services just in one country. What if an enterprise has business development in many countries, and therefore has a demand for human resources services in those countries? That will multiply the difficulties by folds. It is a difficult task to accomplish without the presence of local HR overseas.

The one-stop service model of Renrui enables Chinese enterprises to enjoy high-level local services from various overseas countries, you may also enjoy high-level local services from various overseas countries by simply communicating with Renrui just like facing domestic requirements.

RHR has a profound understanding of the explicit and implicit service requirements of Chinese enterprises
and may accurately grasp and provide on-target support at the first instance.

It is not an easy task to explain the requirements clearly to service providers. In addition to the meaning conveyed clearly through text, the implicit requirements involving corporate preferences, tradition and culture are equally important for the effective achievement of services. Allowing overseas service providers to deeply understand demands the Chinese enterprises is a huge challenge.

Renrui, rooted in China, has a profound understanding and insight into the explicit and implicit requirements of Chinese enterprises. We can quickly grasp the pain points and real demands of Chinese enterprises' overseas human resources requirements and provide local on-target personalized and professional services overseas.

Cross-border communication consumes a lot of management resources and increases operating costs.
Renrui uses China speed to provide clients with efficient professional services around the world.

Multinational management involves cross-border communication. Due to differences in social culture, work habits, language, time difference, etc., such communication consumes large quantity of management resources. If there are no mature and efficient communication channels, the efficiency of communication will be further reduced, and work progress will be delayed again and again, thus, affecting the normal development of the business.

Through Renrui, even if the problem occurs at the other end of the world, Chinese clients only need a phone call or a message to reach us, and we will quickly resolve it through the internal smooth mechanism, so that the far away overseas human resources services will no longer be troubled by time difference, delay and waiting.

Cost Reduction
Help enterprises to obtain lower labor costs overseas, reduce operating costs, achieve business costs reduction,
and increase efficiency.

After years of rapid economic development, China's once dominant labor cost advantage has been increasingly eroded. Compared with China, the labor cost of other developing countries already has obvious advantages. In China, the cost of recruiting and using foreign language talents who can support overseas business requirements is also gradually rising. In addition to being closer to the market, hiring and employing local people in overseas will also bring about lower labor cost.

Through Renrui, Chinese enterprises have their own overseas employees. In addition to reducing labor costs, they can effectively reduce management and operating costs and improve efficiency.